people who can still be friends with you and not agree with everything you say is great friend
I now successfully replaced nginx with caddy as my reverse proxy and the config file I have to touch shrunk from approx 200 lines to 20 as an :xmpp:​ client is good , but I don't like the branding. Meh , I gonna fork it

Suddenly, if you check timeline for the #google hashtag in #Mastodon, you get a massive flood of posts from Google. This is new, and it's revolting. Google invading the free fedi world is annoying, but hijacking their hashtag to bury negative publicity is a kind of censorship.

:spurdo:​ giv monies or exblosion SSSsssSSSSssss


@qorg11 look at this code snippet : cuckflare javascript on a website

Best advice I can give to new programers:

* Dont be scared to write it wrong, you can always rewrite it.

When I code i expect to rewrite it.. i usually write a shitty version of the idea just to make sure the idea works then i rework it several times and consider the overall design before commiting. If yuo try to do it right the first time through you wont do anythijng at all, or you will come up with a perfect idea that the second you start to implement you realize doesnt work at all... doing it wrong is how you learn to do it right.

What's wrong with #fediblock? blocking for "freespeech" is so retarded
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